18650 Converter


Our very own 18650 converters, use your Idol Mod with your favourite 18650 batteries!
  • For Series configuration
  • Made to order (please allow time for building)
  • Hand built
  • Choice of colours

Mechanical Mod Warning

Mechanical mods are not regulated, and therefore include no short circuit protection for the battery other than ventilation. When using mechanical mods, please be sure that you know the dangers of not having circuit protection. Lithium batteries can be volatile and vent or explode, causing injury and damage to property. This can happen if the batteries are not handled properly if the resistance level of your coils is too low or in the event of a short circuit.
We recommend using an Ohm reader to check your coils before you start vaping with a mechanical mod to ensure that you are vaping at a safe resistance level (we recommend staying above 0.4 for series mods). By purchasing and using any mechanical device from our store, you agree to take full liability and responsibility for its use. In no way can Idol Mods or it's operators be held liable for any misfortune or harm caused by the use or misuse of this device
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